Baby Hospital Bag

Baby Hospital Bag

What to pack in your baby hospital bag

Many parents come to us and ask 'What do I need to pack for my baby in the hospital bag?' Let's pack a baby hospital bag together so you can see what you need. We have included all the products below the video for you to make it even easier to shop and tick this task off your list!


1) Blanket & Shawl

Cosy layers that can be easily added and removed without disturbing baby are a must. Cotton blankets are great for summer and many have matching babygrows, hats and bibs! Our wool blankets are lovely in the winter and our cashmere blankets are super soft and luxurious while being versatile and breathable for all weather conditions. 

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2) Hooded towel and mitt

Nice warm snuggles after washing are the best. A hooded towel and cleaning mitt make washing and drying a doddle. 

hooded baby towel & mitt


3) Muslins & Swaddles

You'll be surprised at how many muslins you end up using. That's why we stock multi-packs and lots of different designs. A swaddle can be used to create a cosy, breathable wrap for baby but can also be used n the same way as a muslin. So versatile! 


4) Toiletries & Hairbrush

Baby skincare essentials such as nappy cream and top to toe wash help keep baby's skin clean and soft from the get-go.  We also recommend a super soft baby hairbrush for the all important first photos and don't forget a vanity case to keep them in! 

5) Babygrows

 A selection of babygrows is an absolute must for your baby hospital bag. Luckily we have lots of different designs with matching blankets, hats and bibs so you can create a beautifully co-ordinated look! 

babygrow with blue rocking horse motif


6) Baby Hats

 A baby hat keeps a newborn's head warm and protected in those precious first few months. Many of our baby hats co-ordinate with matching babygrows, blankets and bibs! 

7) Baby Scratch Mitts

Newborns often have sharp little nails and can accidentally scratch themselves. and a pair of scratch mitts will help prevent this. We have some great patterns and colours which co-ordinate with our babygrows and outfits. 

8) Baby Booties & Socks

Keeping the extremities covered with socks and/or booties will help keep a newborn baby warm and cosy and feeling safe. And for extra cuteness we have some absolutely adorable designs. 

9) Going home outfit

Going home for the first time from the hospital is a special milestone and many parents love to dress baby in a smart co-ordinating outfit to celebrate. 

10) First Baby Toy

 Many newborns find it soothing to hold something soft in their hand - especially something that smells of their parents! A soft baby soother is the perfect first toy to pop in your hospital bag. 

11) Nappies & Nappy Bag

Of course some nappies and a nappy bag to put in all the above items!