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How Blue Almonds V.I.P works



Elevate Your Shopping Experience!

Simply create a customer account at Blue Almonds to unlock a range of benefits and rewards at our South Kensington boutique and our website.


When you join, every £1 spent with Blue Almonds will earn 1 'Almond'. The number of Almonds earned will increase as you progress through the VIP tiers. You can also earn rewards without spending - including for creating your account or signing up to our newsletter!

*Please note that specific terms and conditions are applicable.


When you have earned enough Almonds, you will receive a reward which can be spent on anything in our store. As you progress through the V.I.P tiers, you will be rewarded with more special benefits.

500 Almonds is equal to a £5 reward.

The table below illustrates the benefits you gain based on your shopping habits at Blue Almonds.
As you increase your spending you can take advantage of more services and benefits from us.



V.I.P 1
0-4,999 Almonds

V.I.P 2
5,000 - 9,999 Almonds
V.I.P 3
10,000+ Almonds
Earn points on all purchases

£1 spent = 1

£2 Spent = 2 Almonds

£1 Spent = 3 Almonds

Earn points for interacting with us
Earn points for referring a friend
Special bonus point days
Free UK shipping on purchases over £150  
Complimentary gift box on purchases over £150  
Get invited to special events coming soon    
Two personal 10% discount days per year    


Ways to earn Almonds

Simply log in to your account and go to the V.I.P page, you will see a tab named 'Earn'. 
Click on this to find the many ways to earn extra Almonds which include.



  • Create a customer account at Blue Almonds 200 Almonds
  • Subscribe to our newsletter 500 Almonds
  • Follow us on Instagram* 200 Almonds
  • Tell your friends about Blue Almonds on Facebook* 200 Almonds
  • Enter your child's birthdate 200 Almonds
  • Refer a Friend: Your reffered friend will get a £10 discount on their first order and you will earn 1,000 Almonds
  • And of course, by spending at our boutique and on our website

* Social media follow/tell your friends must be completed through your Blue Almonds account portal in order 
to qualify and must take place after the launch date of the V.I.P scheme.