Blue Almonds Team: Our lockdown 'silver linings' Blue Almonds Ltd

Blue Almonds Team: Our lockdown 'silver linings'

We miss seeing our customers everyday and to help us stay connected to you, and to each other, we decided to each share a 'silver lining' - some unexpected positives that we have found in this challenging situation...


"To ground myself in this uncertain time I decided to commit to a 10-15km walk everyday no matter what the weather and how tough the day has been so far. I am lucky to have Hyde Park nearby and when I walk door to door it is exactly 10km! I use this time to connect with my friends by phone call, or I listen to audio books which I became a huge fun of recently. Currently I listen to the well known Alchemist by Paolo Cohelo which I read a long time ago but I find it very relevant now so I went back to listen to it now. As the days are still cold and windy (at the time of writing!) I take care of myself and I wrap myself up really nice and cosy. I love this time which I give only to myself. My message to you- Be kind to yourself but stick to your standards and know your energy sources!"


"During this horrific time I suddenly have the opportunity to spend more time exercising outside, playing with my dogs, to pick up the book I've been meaning to read and get my attic organised. Our lives have been turned upside down but I am participating with other people to come together under this extraordinary circumstances, slow down, enjoy little moments, stay positive and keep moving forward until we can all get back to our lives."


"During this difficult time, my family and I have been staying at home as much as possible to help save lives. Though the situation isn't pleasant and is unfortunate, it has given my family and I more time to spend together, we have been spending our days watching movies and playing games. In addition to this, I have found I have strengthened my connection to nature by keeping busy gardening and preparing my garden for summers arrival, planting new flowers and taking care of the existing ones. Due to the lovely weather, I've started completing my workouts outside and so far it has been great! Stay happy, healthy and safe!"


"In this hard time I'm thinking more about my health, so I found a healthy drink recipe which can help me to build my resistance and fight the virus. From now on, this is my daily ritual: Orange, grapefruit, ginger, honey, turmeric, cayenne pepper. Plus I have begun to practice yoga at home which is fantastic! Stay Healthy!"


"I've always worked remotely (online marketing) but I feel closer to the rest of the Blue Almonds team while we share this crazy experience and work together to try to find a way to help our customers. I have been so impressed by the creativity and ingenuity of all the individuals and businesses around us - trying to stay connected and using technology to overcome barriers. I am also greatly humbled to be homeschooling my daughter and sharing that experience with countless other parents around the globe. "