Discover expert colour advice for decorating the nursery Blue Almonds Ltd

Discover expert colour advice for decorating the nursery

We spoke to our friends at Little Greene ‚ an independent, British paint and wallpaper manufacturer to get some inside tips on decorating the nursery. Their durable, washable, child-safe paints are perfect for nurseries, but we wanted to get some advice on the most soothing and gender neutral colour schemes.


I want the nursery to be a peaceful space - what colours are the most soothing?

Some of the most soothing, calming shades to use can be found on our Blue colour card. Delicate Blue and Pale Wedgwood are perfect examples of light, soothing shades ideal for creating a tranquil environment. In our interpretation of the world around us, blue represents both sky and sea but also space and infinity. Blue colour schemes naturally offer security, longevity, depth and calmness.


I don't want to find out my baby's gender before birth - what colours are the most gender neutral?

Our colour palette encompasses a fabulous range of easy to use neutrals, a collection of graduated greys, soft and bold tones as well as striking, dark shades. Currently, green is particularly popular and shades such as Salix and Pearl Colour offer a perfect alternative to a typical blue or pink colour scheme.

Many of the traditional nursery colours can be used for both genders. Up until the 1940s, pink was a colour associated with boys, it was only after this period when it became recognised as a more feminine colour. When choosing colour, whatever shade it may be, consider the strength and warmth of each tone as groups of colour vary greatly. Also, don't be afraid to combine colours to create a gender-neutral scheme.


I want to create a unique look - what about wallpaper?

Our Lower George St Beryl wallpaper is perfect for nurseries as it features a classic, star design which dates from the early 1800s and can be combined with soothing pastel shades like Salix and Starling's Egg. Another option would be our Hampstead design from the hand-printed Apsley Collection by John Line & Sons, this relaxed interpretation of an urban Hampstead scene has retained all its line detail and even the original colourways of grey and blue have been accurately recreated for the 21st Century interior.


What is best type of paint to use in a nursery?

For nursery walls, we would recommend Intelligent Matt as it is an environmentally-friendly, washable finish. However, for painting wooden cots, we would advise using Intelligent Eggshell, a durable fully washable finish which is available in all our colours. All Little Greene Intelligent paints are certified as child-safe, which means they contain absolutely no dangerous ingredients, so they won't cause any problems if they end up being accidentally ingested. They can even be used to paint children's toys.