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Family Activities: Compost Kids Yayoi Kusama art plan

A little while ago our owner/founder Izabela was looking for some extra activities to keep her children entertained at home, and stumbled across Compost Kids art plans. She signed up and received a free art plan on Yayoi Kusama, which she recently completed with her daughter - and the results were fantastic!

Compost Kids Online Art Skool

The concept was created by Sam Pooley-Stride from PSwecreate. Communicating via a Facebook page Sam asks people to sign up by sending her an email at and she will send them a free art plan like the one below on a variety of different subjects.

Yayoi Kusama

The pack Iza and her family received first was about Yayoi Kusama - a prominent contemporary Japanese artist also known as the Princess of Dots! Perfect for little kids to appreciate! Each art plan includes a number of different activities that you can pick and choose from while learning about different art styles. The activities look like this, and include plenty of inspiration

Enjoying with the kids

Iza and her young daughter Matylda had a go at the Kusama art pack. They used carrot and spring onion ends to make different sized dots. It was quite messy but a lot of fun!

Iza loves this art plan because each activity is described and visualised step by step, and loves that her kids are doing art but at same time learning about artist or art movement. You can top it up with the research on YouTube - Iza and her family found many relevant clips online. It starts a journey on an exploration into art and is so inspirational!

Emma (our Online Marketing Consultant) and her daughter also had a go at a Kusama activity and used a cork, the end of a pencil and fingertips to create dots of different sizes and with different textures. It wasn't strictly from the plan, but was something they felt like doing after watching the videos. Her 7 year old was able to create a lovely dotty piece of art with minimal supervision - which means it gets a big thumbs up!