Family Activites: Easter Breakfast Blue Almonds Ltd

Family Activites: Easter Breakfast

Take some time this Easter to create Easter Inspired breakfast. There's just as much fun making it as eating it! Here Iza and her family create Easter Porridge, Easter 'Eggs' and Easter Pancakes.

Easter Porridge

Take your favourite porridge and give it an Easter style makeover with your favourite fruit! This is a very healthy option for active people. Have lots of fun decorating, but be careful cutting up the fruit ;) Serve with your glass of favourite juice.

Easter 'Eggs'

If you prefer your breakfast savoury, and a great favourite with the parents! We used Majoram for the whiskers as we had it in the fridge already, but you could use chives or anything else you have to hand! Get inventive, Ready Steady Cook style! To get a perfect round egg shape, we used a special egg pan, but you can simply cut a fried egg or cut a hole in a slice of bread and use that!

Easter Bunny Pancakes

We made cinnamon flavour pancakes! (yum!) Mixing is always fun and the messier it gets the better!!! The kids LOVED spreading the yoghurt. We made a mini bunny Filip and a mini bunny Matylda and they loved it :)

Expect lots of mess in the kitchen but most importantly lots of fun, laughter and yummyness!