Family Activites: Making Banana Bread Blue Almonds Ltd

Family Activites: Making Banana Bread

For our latest family activity, Iza and her children - Matylda and Filip made banana bread. The idea came when they looked in the fridge for nearly expiring products and they found bananas that needed to be used up so they decided to make banana bread. Here's how they go on...

For the recipe we used this one from the BBC website but we added chocolate chips because we had some in the cupboard and it made the banana bread even more delicious!

The kids got to wear their new personalised aprons, which I ordered for Easter but they just arrived. Never mind, it was still fun using them!

It was a useful exercise for maths as the kids were measuring and weighing out the flour, cutting the right amount of butter etc.


Obviously it was messy - and some accidents happened along the way!

They loved using the mixer again! This is my all time favourite mixer and it must be 20 years old! I brought it with me when I moved to London and I prefer using it to the new one I bought - it's a real gem!

Mati was so determined to mix by hand though! I couldn't believe how strong she is! (Must be all that Joe Wicks PE!)

And she was very cheeky licking everything - mind you, I used to do the same!!!

The final product - which was VERY tasty :)