Family Activities: Making Swedish Bread Blue Almonds Ltd

Family Activities: Making Swedish Bread

This is one of those things our founder/owner Izabela thought she would never get round to doing, but staying at home has some benefits! This is a very special recipe given personally to Izabela and her family by the chef at Arctic Bath Hotel in Sweden (they visited before we all had to stop travelling). It tasted so fabulous they really wanted to be able to re-create the experience at home!

Making Swedish Rye & Lingonberry Bread

This recipe is amazing. We got it on our trip to arctic Sweden just before the whole world shut down. It tastes delicious with carmelised butter but I never succeeded with this! It requires lingonberry jam which is easy to buy on amazon.

The recipe is easy to follow but you need to start making it the day before as the mixture needs 24h to soak. The recipe I have is for 2 loaf tins 30cm long. See ingredients and method below...

Note: In Sweden they measure in decilitres so it was an extra challenge to recalculate the quantities !

Matylda loved to help me with this recipe (maybe I should invest in a small apron!!!). There was lots of vigorous mixing and it was finally ready to go in the oven.

I made a small departure from the given recipe as I added extra dry lingonberries, besides the jam and some dry blueberries. It is personal. I always like to experiment a bit!

The recipe makes 2 loaves (2.65kg) of bread which is way too much for us but it takes just as much effort to make two loaves as 1, so my idea is to, share this bread with my friends each week (as long as I can deliver it to them! Looking at the time frame for coronavirus (months! ) I should be able to share it with most of my London friends :)

I have also just invested in linen bread bags and special wax paper to present it as a glam gift :)