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Family Activities: Pine Cone Flowers

We wanted to share some of our favourite activities for families to enjoy while staying at home - or indeed any time you want to spend quality time together! This is a craft activity called 'Pine Cone Flowers' and was documented by our founder/owner Izabela and her children Matylda and Filip.

Making the Pine Cone Flowers

Collect pine cones: We went to the woods few weeks ago (while still permitted by government guidelines) and we had a great time while collecting lots of pine cones. (You might be able to collect some in your garden or on your daily outdoor exercise). It was so great to spend some family time outdoors when everyone was feeling stressed and the world was coming to a standstill!

Collect Twigs: In our local garden we collected lots of little twigs and decided to design our own spring flowers.

Paint the twigs and pine cones: We used colourful paints and painted pine cones and twigs in many different colours. (Lay down newspapers to stop your house getting messy!)

Attach the pine cones to the twigs: We used a material called 'foam clay' (great range of colours and some sparkles) but it could also be playdough. Both are easy to get on amazon. Remember to put a solid amount of whatever you are using to stick it all together and put it flat on the newspaper overnight to dry before you put it in the vase.

Put them in a vase: Next day put them in the vase and you have an amazing home decoration!


Our Tips

Tip 1: we used a Baobab candle container. I like to invest in Baobab candles to get a beautiful vase once the candle has finished

Tip 2: You can time the project so it becomes a week project for example- Day 1: pine cones collection, next day looking for a right size twigs, then painting everything, then making connection between pine cones and twigs.

Good Luck!

Update: Additional Activity

We had some pine cones and twigs left and Matylda came up with the idea to make pine cone people! Using the same materials and methods as above to join them together, Matylda used her imagination to make these amazing creations!