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Family Activities: Waffles

We wanted to share some of our favourite activities for families to enjoy while staying at home - or indeed any time you want to spend quality time together! Our owner/founder Izabela and her children Matylda and Filip decided that a good way to make weekends feel special (otherwise all the days feel the same at the moment!) is to have a really fun breakfast - and their breakfast of choice was waffles!

Making waffles with my children

We found a great waffle batter recipe on the BBC website. We wanted our waffles to feel very crispy so we whisked egg whites. This part was great fun for the kids as they get to test if the egg whites are whisked enough by turning the bowl upside down! If they stay firm they are ready - they love this bit!

The waffle machine was not expensive and can be ordered on amazon from £19 and you can make different shapes for fun. It's a great investment for family cooking activity time. 


You can decorate the waffles however you like and be very creative- nutella, whipped cream, fruit, jam, sprinkles, chocolate, coconut - anything you like. They can just use their imaginations!

You may need to experiment a little to get it right. Despite our best efforts, not all of them turn out perfect which is fine. Some have holes in them, but Daddy was very happy to eat the less than perfect ones ;)

However they come out, they were very yummy as the messy plate shows! Good luck making yours!