Our favourites for picnic fun with your children Blue Almonds Ltd

Our favourites for picnic fun with your children

It's official, kids LOVE eating outdoors. A quick poll among the staff here at Blue Almonds revealed that all our kids relish the opportunity to sit on the ground while eating their lunch. It doesn't matter if it is a carpet picnic or you are in the middle of a national park, in a kid's mind there is a certain freedom about not sitting up at the table.

With that in mind, we wanted to share our best tips for staging a great picnic. Whether it is just mummy & baby bonding time or a giant family affair.


1) Bring a friend - There's something to be said for a good old fashioned ‚Teddy Bear's Picnic. It gives children a sense of responsibility as they become the host of the party. They love serving tea and cake to their favourite toys. These knitted toys from blabla make excellent picnic companions.

2) Are you sitting comfortably? - Whether picnic on the carpet, in the garden, at the park or on a beach the generous size of these fantastically multi-purpose aden + anais blankets means you can seat everyone comfortably


3) Get carried away - This roomy and stylish beach bag is perfect for stashing all your picnic essentials. Food, picnic blanket, soft toys, chuck them all in and go.

4) Take it easy - A picnic should be all about allowing yourself to relax. So rather than spend ages preparing the picnic, why not pop along to your favourite delicatessen or perhaps Waitrose and grab some pre-prepared picnic goodies.


5) Cover-up - Even on a cloudy day, harmful UVA and UVB rays can damage skin. Make sure you choose a broad spectrum sun cream suitable for sensitive skin like this one from Green People

6) Dress the part - Comfy, breathable clothing stops little ones from getting hot and sticky while allowing them to explore their environment. These beautiful summer-themed pima cotton essentials. are the perfect addition to any picnic outfit.


7) Location, Location, Location - A great picnic place is somewhere your kids love and will want to come back to again and again. Check out this list of 'London's Best Parks for Children' for a quick guide to the capital's best open spaces with playgrounds and other activities for kids.