How Blue Almonds is supporting the Women of Ukraine Blue Almonds Ltd

How Blue Almonds is supporting the Women of Ukraine

Our founder Izabela Minkiewicz was very keen to do whatever she could to provide support to Women in Ukraine so she started discussions with Dominika from Kulczyk Foundation to see how she could help. They both flew to Warsaw in Poland so Izabela could see first hand how the foundation is already helping Ukrainian Women.

Izabela and Dominika then created a fundraising event in London so that the UK community and their Polish friends could have a way to show their support and donate to the foundation. This event tied in with International Women's Day on the 8th March so that Women in London can lend their support and offer dignity to the Women in Ukraine.

We also decided that during the day of the 8th March, we will donate all profits from sales on our website and in our store to the Kulczyk Foundation. 

The event has now passed, and we are absolutely humbled and so grateful to all our supporters, customers and partners who helped us raise £73,902 for Ukraine.

If you are still keen to support the Kulczyk Foundation , they have announced a new campaign called 'Hi Girls' aiming to help Women arriving into Poland build a life there for as long as they need. For more information please click this link 

We are also currently working on an initiative aimed at helping to reduce the trauma that the Children are feeling as they are displaced from their homes and lives. We will announce details shortly.