Why we love cashmere for babies Blue Almonds Ltd

Why we love cashmere for babies

The benefits of dressing babies in cashmere

At Blue Almonds we love wrapping our little ones in cashmere. Not only is it just so beautiful and luxurious but it really is the best fabric for dressing your baby in. Cashmere is incredibly soft against a baby's delicate new skin (and yours!), while being cosy and warm.

Light and strong it is surprisingly durable and its timeless styling means you'll want to dress your baby in cashmere again and again.

Clever cashmere

The same soft hairs that allow the cashmere goat to tolerate huge temperature variations between night and day in the mountains help regulate a baby's temperature too. It's warm but breathable and can help prevent overheating.

Just for babies

We love it so much, we had a whole range exclusively designed for us by queen of cashmere Madeleine Thompson. With soft colours and gorgeous details, we have baby grows, leggings, cardigans, sleeping bags and pram coats in ages 0-24months. As well as blankets and accessories they will cherish for ever.

Easy to care for

It's easier than you think to care for too. Gently hand wash with cool water or cool wool cycle inside a garment bag with a gentle liquid wash or baby shampoo to keep it looking great for years to come - perfect for handing down to lucky family members!

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