Peggy Porschen’s Top Tips for Children’s Parties Blue Almonds Ltd

Peggy Porschen’s Top Tips for Children’s Parties

With Prince George's Birthday approaching, we wanted to give you our top tips for planning the perfect children's birthday party - and who better to ask than award winning celebration cake designer - Peggy Porschen!

1) Have a Theme: It's inevitable that your child will have a strong idea of the theme they would like for their party. My secret is that once I hear Max is hooked on something new, I keep my eye out on Pinterest and create a folder of different party ideas. This ranges from food and games, right through to decorations. If I feel that a theme has lots of great ideas and potential, I start planting the seed and show Max some of the ideas. It really works and he gets very excited about it! For example, last year he started developing a passion for all things dinosaur. The party worked really well just by using a few giant dinosaur balloons, a great cake, some of his toys being the table decorations and fantastic party games such as dino excavations, make your own dinosaur cookies and dinosaur finger painting.

2) Picture Perfect: Remember to take lots of pictures, or ask someone else to. With the madness and mayhem of the day it's easy to forget this but these memories are so precious. For Max's first party, which was a superhero theme, we crafted a photo booth for parents and kids to take pictures together, it was great fun and meant that parents were able to take part in an activity as well.

3) Create a Mood Board: I like to create a mood board reflecting the theme and style of the party, and I also have a tick list for all the decorations and things that require setting up. I find this helps when delegating different tasks to helpers at the party as they can visualise what you are trying to achieve.

4) Professional Entertainer: When it comes to the entertainment part, I definitely recommend hiring a professional kid's entertainer as they know exactly how to get everyone's attention and how to engage even the quieter little ones. It also ensures that you can mingle and have a drink and a chat with the other parents.  

5) The icing on the cake: If party planning for your little darling has you running all over town, make sure the cake is one stop that is as stress free as possible! Combining years of industry expertise alongside highly valuable experience planning celebrations for her own four-year-old, Max, Peggy Porschen's new collection of baby and children's party cakes offer the best of the best. Using only the finest ingredients and traditional baking techniques, each cake is iced to perfection and expertly decorated by hand. From adorable baby shower cakes, through to themed children's birthday cakes to suit a range of passions and interests, everything in the collection has been designed to elicit great excitement!