School activity to help Ukrainian Children Blue Almonds Ltd

School activity to help Ukrainian Children

Blue Almonds is proud to be supporting and sponsoring a new initiative to help Ukrainian Children through this traumatic time. We are providing the resources to Children in Francis Holland School in London to create personalised gift boxes containing sweets, stationary, hand written letters and hand drawn pictures which will then be delivered to Ukrainian refugee children arriving in Poland and the UK. Our hope is that the show of compassion and empathy, especially from other children, will go some way to showing much needed support and care to Ukrainian children during these trying and traumatic times. 
We are also providing practical support and last week our founder Iza Minkiewicz coordinated the activity and helped the school children assemble their boxes. We hope that other schools will join in with this initiative and if your school needs help implementing this, we are happy to help kick-start the process. 
Through this initiative we are also supporting our partner charity SOS Children's Villages Charity for their Ukraine Emergency Relief Programme and we are collecting donations via gofundme if you would like to donate.