Top mummy hacks  for flying with little ones Blue Almonds Ltd

Top mummy hacks for flying with little ones

Prepare Your Kids for the Flight

Travelling with babies and small children on a plane can feel incredibly intimidating.

Blue Almonds official Mummy Concierge Tiffany Norris, gives her top mummy hacks to make life easier.

  1. If you’re concerned about your baby screaming at take off or landing, then feed them. Whether this is by breast or bottle, feeding them during take off or landing will stop their ears from popping and upsetting them.
  2. Invest in a dream travel pram which can be folded up and put in the cupboard above your head on the plane. I really recommend Le Clerc Baby - not only is it stylish and lightweight, but you can take it onto the plane and pop it in the compartment above your head, saving you from waiting for it when you arrive at your destination
  3. Book an aisle seat so you can get up and move around if your baby is unsettled
  4. A number of airlines, especially on long flights, will provide you with a bassinet that hooks to the seat in front of you for lap infants. Even better, you can reserve the bulkhead seats with extra space for the bassinet to hang. But they're first come, first serve with a limited number and you have to ask.
  5. Check out if there is a rental service in the area you are traveling to to rent things like high chairs, toys, pack and play etc to avoid having to overpack but still have some of the conveniences of home.

  6. Book an appointment with The Mummy a concierge (blue almonds client get 10% off). With knowledge on everything from the best hotels for babies, how to cope with time differences, baby kit you need when travelling and everything else holiday related, Tiffany can guide you through everything you need to make your trip stress free.
  7. If you're going home on a plane you'll probably have extra clothes for your baby but don't forget to pack an extra outfit for yourself in case of a major nappy explosion. Pack them in a XL ziplock bag so you can put the soiled clothes in there

The Mummy Concierge top travel essentials:

Light baby sleeping bag

This lightweight sleeping bag is perfect for hot summer nights.

 soft hooded baby towel

 A hooded towel is perfect for throwing over your little one after a swim in the pool.


Look after your baby’s gut health whilst abroad with these incredible
Multibiotic relief drops

This vanity case is perfect for packing any medicines you might need whilst you’re away - consider infant paracetamol, a thermometer, some plasters and suncream 

baby sun hat

A sun hat is a must have to protect your little one from the heat. And HOW adorable will they look in this..?