Top sleep tips from baby expert Nanny Louenna Blue Almonds Ltd

Top sleep tips from baby expert Nanny Louenna

Nanny Louenna graduated the prestigious Norland College over 17 years ago and has worked all over the world for high profile and royal families. Below she shares her top tips for sweetly sleeping babies with us.

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Nanny Louenna with Baby

Baby sleep guide

A good sleep pattern, established in the first year, is one of the best life skills you can give your baby. A happy and content baby will ensure you are well rested and allow you to enjoy your parenting journey.

Safe Sleep for your Baby

  • Make sure covers and blankets are tucked in to the bottom of the cot or Moses basket to stop them riding up and over your babies face.
  • Place your baby to sleep on his back with his feet at the bottom of the cot or Moses basket.
  • Use a new mattress in the cot and Moses basket.
  • Place your baby to sleep in a cot or Moses basket rather than co-sleeping.  I don’t recommend it, but if you do chose to co-sleep with your baby, I recommend a Dockatot bed or a Next2me Crib so that your baby has his own area in the bed and is less likely to get too hot or smothered by a duvet. Never sleep with your baby in the bed or on a sofa if you have been drinking alcohol.
  • Keep your baby’s room temperature between 18ºC and 20ºC degrees.

A Baby's Night Will Reflect Their Day

 Babies are naturally nocturnal so use the routine to make sure they have regular feeds and awake times throughout the day so that your baby settles quickly during the night-time as a newborn, and learns to sleep through the night.

Fresh air

I believe babies sleep much more soundly if they have some fresh air each day.  Going for a nice walk in the pram or laying on a blanket in the garden are all lovely sensory experiences for your baby.  Try and open their bedroom windows during the day to let fresh air in.

Consistent Bedtime Routine

I implement a bedtime routine right from the beginning.  A nice bath or top and tail followed by a relaxing baby massage really helps your baby wind down and sets them up for a good night's sleep.  

Follow a Structured Feeding Schedule

The reason to space feeds out and not feed on demand is so babies don't snack. If a breastfed baby snacks then they only get the foremilk -not the fatty hind milk, which is what they need to thrive and develop. If a baby can spread their feeds out to 3 or 4 hourly, it allows them to rest properly in-between which is important for their health.

Age Appropriate Awake Windows

It's important to avoid your little one getting overtired, as they can become fractious and difficult to settle. My routines include detailed daily schedules to help you with this.  

White Noise

Using white noise can help create a cosy environment for your baby, as it resembles the sounds your little one heard whilst they were in the womb. It can be really calming, drown out household noise and allow them to sleep better, as well as helping them to self settle.

Self Settling

Put your baby down when awake- this ensures that he knows where he is when he stirs through a lighter sleep cycle.  If he has fallen asleep on you and been put down asleep, he will panic when he realises he’s in a different place and wake up crying.


I swaddle all my newborn babies as it makes them feel snug and secure and allows them to sleep peacefully for longer stretches.  Babies love the security of the swaddle and will settle much quicker, as it mimics the feeling of being held. Between 3- 4 months of age, or when they show signs of rolling, I take their arms out of the swaddle.

The Louenna App

If you loved these tips and you want more guidance on-demand, we recommend the Louenna App. The Louenna app is the nanny in your pocket 24/7, with integrated features such as feeding timers, sleep and nappy logs that help parents keep track of this important information all in one place. Parents who want 1:1 guidance can book a digital consultation directly through the app to get personalised advice from Louenna’s expert team.

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