Transition successfully from cot to bed with our expert tips Blue Almonds Ltd

Transition successfully from cot to bed with our expert tips

We know that making the move from cot to toddler bed can be difficult. We always recommend buying a cotbed for when your baby outgrows their moses basket. That way, they can stay in the same familiar furniture when they graduate to a bed. But what else can help you make a successful We asked Kerry Secker -the Care It Out Sleep Consultant for her top tips to help you and your little one make the transition...

"Transitioning your Small from their cot to their toddler bed can be an exciting yet nerve wracking time for everyone! Change is strange and because it all feels unfamiliar at first it can a while for everyone to adjust to their new sleep space. I always suggest keeping them in their cot until they've practically out grown it, they can/are climbing out of the cot and it's unsafe or they're battling or refusing to sleep in it. There's no rush or right age to transition just what works for you! These tips can also help the transition go smoothly:

1: Let them be part of the process

Let them pick out some new bedding (give them a choice of 2 if you're particular about bedding!)

2: Choose a new friend

Get them to choose a new soft toy AKA Their new Bed Buddy

3: Routine

Stick to their usual bedtime routine

4: Be patient

Give them a little more time and reassurance to settle at bedtime"