Turn your Childs drawing into a masterpiece Blue Almonds Ltd

Turn your Child’s drawing into a masterpiece

Haven't you ever wanted to take your Child's gorgeous drawings and immortalise them forever as art to hang on the wall? Well now you can. Spanish artist Javier Atela will turn your child's drawing into a large scale, original work of art for you to cherish. Beginning with a child's drawing, small or big, abstract or figurative, Javier studies the child's technique and transforms their idea into a unique painting true to the child's original style. The size of the canvas and the colours used can be specified by the parents to tie in with colour schemes or favourite colours. The result is a modern masterpiece that you and your child will be proud of.

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To enquire and receive your discount code, please contact info@bluealmonds.co.uk or drop into Blue Almonds where you can see see one of his paintings for yourself.

Tatler, UK: "You love your child's drawings ‚ but haven't you always secretly wished that an amazing artist like Javier Atela could print them onto a canvas and turn them into REAL works of art, using a size and colours you chose?"