What is a 'Mummy Concierge' and do you need one? Blue Almonds Ltd

What is a 'Mummy Concierge' and do you need one?

What is a 'Mummy Concierge'?

What do you do if you are newly pregnant but are too busy to troop around Harrods looking for baby kit? Or don't know what you should be doing each trimester?

Today’s busy mothers want someone who can take the pressure off during pregnancy and many, including A-list celebs and members of the Royal Family are seeking the advice of maternity guru Tiffany Norris, aka The Mummy Concierge. Tiffany runs an elite service to help pregnant and new mums with everything to do with parenthood.

The Mummy Concierge is a bespoke, personalised service to help you navigate pregnancy and beyond. Tiffany works with both pregnant and new mothers, acting as a valuable concierge for everything to do with parenting. Tiffany knows everything there is to know about pregnancy and babies and she ticks everything off your to do list so that you can enjoy your pregnancy and your baby.

Blue Almonds are proud to work with Tiffany to offer mothers much-needed support during the challenging journey into motherhood, which is why The Mummy Concierge is offering Blue Almonds customers a special discounted price when they book a consultation with her (details below) and the consultation can be arranged in the Blue Almonds consultation room for your convenience and privacy.

What can The Mummy Concierge Help with? 

By booking a consultation with Tiffany (either virtually or in person) she will be able to give you advice on any of the following...

For pregnant mothers:

  • Private hospital and obstetrician recommendations (UK only)
  • Month by month maternity plan - what to do and when
  • Nursery planning
  • Which antenatal classes to go to
  • Advice on what baby products and brands to buy
  • What to pack in your hospital bag
  • Sourcing the best pre- and postnatal care (personal trainers, nutritionists. Baby sleep trainers)
  • Advice and insight on birth options
  • Maternity nurse recommendations
  • Breastfeeding expert recommendation
  • Preparing for formula feeding

For new parents

  • Advice on Sleep trainers
  • Age appropriate toys
  • Travelling with a Little One
  • Nursery school and Private School choices
  • A plan for hiring a Nanny
  • Childproofing
  • Baby and Toddler Troubleshooting


How do I get help from The Mummy Concierge?

  • Drop Tiffany an email on tiffany@themummyconcierge.com and explain what you would like help with.
  • Tiffany will book in a one hour consultation, which can be done over the phone or (by prior agreement) in person at the Blue Almonds store. Tiffany is offering 10% off this consultation for Blue Almonds customers. Simply quote 'Blue Almonds' when you enquire.
  • Once the consultation is over Tiffany will put together a plan about how she can help you


What is Tiffany's background?

Tiffany set up The Mummy Concierge 7 years ago after spending time working as a journalist for Grazia, Tatler and Elle, as well as national baby magazines. Since starting her business she has helped over 5,000 pregnant and new mothers, and has A-list celebrities and members of the Royal Family amongst her clientele.