Why we love wooden furniture for Nurseries and Children’s rooms

Do you remember the stories from our mothers and grandmothers about cradles and cots that served several generations of children in the family? Or maybe you have had the pleasure of owning wooden furniture made by a family member or traditional carpenter? The solidity and longevity of heirloom furniture is provided by the natural materials, traditional manufacturing techniques, and the craftsmanship and precision of craftsmen who put their heart into the creation of every small detail, and they are qualities that are highly sought after now.

Freedom to design your nursery

Tradition, passion, safety & sustainability

We also ensure all our furniture is made of wood from certified sources which provides a gold-standard for eco-friendly lumber and is only harvested from a sustainably managed forest. We also pay attention to the finishing materials, such as the adhesives and paints where we use natural, water-based products that will certainly not harm your little ones.

Possibility for renovation and up-cycling

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