8 Top Mummy Hacks for Feeding your Baby Blue Almonds Ltd

8 Top Mummy Hacks for Feeding your Baby

Blue Almonds are proud to work with The Mummy Concierge to offer mothers much-needed support during the challenging journey into motherhood.

Here, The Mummy Concierge Tiffany Norris shares her top tips for feeding your baby - whether it by breast or bottle.

For bottle feeding mothers

1. Invest in a formula machine to help make bottle feeding quick and simple when you’re at home. I personally love the baby brezza - it’s essentially just like A cappuccino machine . Just like your morning coffee, your baby’s milk can be prepared In seconds - warm and ready to go!

2. Choose one brand of baby bottle and stick to it. Sticking with one brand means you always have the correct replacement parts for when you misplace a lid or a bottle nipple gets cracked.

3. Have a bottle feeding station. Set up a space in your kitchen where you keep all of your bottle feeding bits: Bottles, formula, Bottle brush and Steriliser. That way you know where everything is and you don’t have to root around the kitchen in a panic when your baby is screaming at you.

4. If you're struggling with finding info online about how to formula feed (there's lots out there for breastfeeding but not so much info on formula feeding) then get in touch with our Mummy Concierge who can talk you through everything you need to know. From what bottles to use and what sterilisers to buy to how to make up a feed when out and about and how to banish mummy guilt.


For Breastfeeding mothers

1. Have a breastfeeding station in the area you usually breastfeed. Make sure you have essentials like: a bottle of water, a muslin, your phone (to record feeds), nipple cream and the tv remote! Having everything within easy reach will be a life saver.

2. Don't hesitate to see a lactation consultant. If you’re struggling (because no one said it was easy!) then speak to an expert who might be able to help solve some of your worries. The Mummy Concierge works with some of the best lactation consultations so book in a consultation to discuss who might be able to help you. Blue almonds customers get a 10% discount on Mummy Concierge consultations. (simply quote 'Blue Almonds' when you enquire).

3.Track your feedings with the hair elastic trick. Whether you're using a notebook or an app, you will probably be asked to keep track of feedings for the first few weeks, including how long you nursed on each side. But, gah, you're exhausted. What if you can't remember whether it's leftie or rightie's turn? Some moms swear by the hair elastic trick—wear one on your wrist (like a bracelet) on the same side that you're currently nursing. Then move it when you switch. Tracking solved!

4. Dress for success! Since you can't go to the mall in just a nursing bra, you'll need to plan some easy-access outfits. I love these gorgeous bump and milk dresses for easy breastfeeding whilst still looking stylish!