Nursery Room Design

How celebs style their nursery

How celebs style their nursery

Our resident expert Tiffany Norris aka The Mummy Concierge reveals her top styling secrets for creating a beautiful nursery.

As a Mummy Concierge she has worked with numerous celebrities when it comes to styling their nurseries - here are her top tips!

1: Take a day to visit a shop that specialises in nursery furniture so you can pick out your key pieces (cot, Moses basket, changing table) first. Then design the rest of the nursery around those key pieces. I often take my clients to Blue Almonds for this.

2: Pick out a Moses basket that is light and easy to carry around the house. A celebrity client of mine lives in a huge home so it was important to have a Moses basket that can be moved easily from room to room. I love this one from Blue Almonds.

3: Keep the wallpaper simple and add a splash of colour with a rug a la Gigi Hadid's nursery. Gigi went for terracotta walls for an earthy feel then added a striped rug. This Berber design rug gives a similar rustic look. 

4: With all the gorgeous nursery artwork out there, it's easy to go over the top. So think child-friendly, not childish. This is exactly what Kourtney Kardashian did with Penelope's room. I love these prints from Blue Almonds because they work well into toddlerdom. 

If you need any specific questions about what kit you need for your nursery or preparing for the arrival of your baby, you can book a consultation with The Mummy Concierge who helps pregnant and new mums with everything to do with parenthood.