About Blue Almonds

From Mother to Mother

I always felt strongly that my vision of Blue Almonds was to provide from mother to mother and I am delighted to say that over the years this is what it has become.

Shopping for a baby, much like having one, can be such a pleasurable experience but it can also feel intensely overwhelming, especially when many mothers are juggling other children and businesses etc.

Our business has originated from creating bespoke nurseries and we have stayed true to this core service all this time. We have also been constantly growing and incorporating other products and services to create Blue Almonds as you see it now. During these years we have learnt so much from you! And trust me, we have not finished growing, and I hope we never will.

A Highly Personal Service

At Blue Almonds we want you to feel reassured by the comprehensive choice of products we meticulously source from around the world for you. This, alongside the highly personalised service, especially the gift service that we aim to create for every customer, has become synonymous with our philosophy.

As a small, bespoke business we are able to add the personal touch to every element of your shopping experience taking out the stress and hassle and ensuring a seamless experience from start to finish. If Blue Almonds can put a smile on your face we have succeeded in my original and constant vision for the brand.

Thank you so much for your support and please enjoy your shopping experience with Blue Almonds!

Izabela Minkiewicz and the Blue Almonds team